20 QUICK ways to Raise Your Vibration 

We are all energy. We are all literally vibrating. And you totally know what I am talking about when you’re feeling in a funk and need to shift and clear out some of that heaviness that is holding you down from being your most elevated self. Yes, going to a yoga class, spin or any other excercise class is one way to do it. Or perhaps, sitting down and taking 25 minutes to meditate and breathe might be another way. And don’t forget – you could always go to see a funny movie or try something new and spontaneous to get “out of your head”. But what about the times when you need a quick fix? What to do when you don’t have the time for a longer remedy, and you need to quickly pivot and redirect your thoughts and energy back to a place of joy? Well, my friends, as Yogi Bhajan would say – there is a way through every block. And here you have it, my list of quick fixes, simple tools to bring from a place of low vibration to high vibe “I love life” goodness!

1. Go Upside Down!!! This can literally be as simple as dangling your body in a forward fold. You can also swing your legs up a wall and hang there for a few minutes if you have the time. If handstand is part of your practice – kick up to the wall and hold that as long as you can. When we invert we are promoting circulation, increasing the movment of lymphatic fluid which gives the immune system a boost, and literally flipping what you perceive upside down…..YOU can see things a new way in an instant!

2. Give your whole body a good shake. Go ahead – try it!! Shake like you are covered in ants! Okay, i know that is creepy but it’s a good visual. DO IT. And see?? Don’t you feel yourself buzzing. Yup, your vibes are moving on up!

3. SMILE. Yup, when we turn that frown upside we literally begin to retrain the brain to not be so damn negative! Smiling also releases the feel good neurotransmitters such as dopamine, endorphins and seratonin. Say cheese!!!!!

4. Get some fresh air. Of course if you have the time you can spend it taking a longer walk or just hanging out al fresco…but if not, at least roll down your car window, or step outside for a few deep breaths.

5. Use a MANTRA. Yes, just like we are vibrating and alive with energy so are our words. Inhale LOVE, Exhale FEAR. Repeat in your mind as you breathe in and out. Or use the Kundalini mantra, Sat Nam; Inhale Sat, Exhale Nam. This translates to “Truth is my name or my indentity” and helps you to connect to your oneness with all that is.

6. Tapping or EFT is a way to stimulate certain meridians in our bodies and help move energy. Using a couple fingers, tap on the points about 5-8 times – crown of the head, inner eyebrow, outer eyebrow, under the eye, under the nose, chin, collerbone, rib cage to create a feeling of ease in your mind and body. See The Tapping Solution for more information. 

7. Get some fresh flowers — their colors, smell (if they have) and overall beauty is easy on the eyes and can truly brighten up any space.

8. Put on your favorite feel good song and DANCE! In fact, when you have time make a playlist or follow me on Spotify to see tons of my yoga playlists and prepare to rock out!

9. Travel back in time. Think of an amazing time, when you felt your happiest, and mentally bring yourself back to that place anytime you’re feeling down. Close your eyes and get as specific as possible with the memory, where you were, who was there, what the weather was like, and sounds or smells, the way you felt at that moment and create it once again.

10. Eat some raw, green stuff! The more organic and unprocessed the higher the vibe of the food….you are what you eat!

11. Give a sincere compliment to a stranger. Do something unexpected and kind for someone else.

12. Find a patch of grass, dirt or sand – and plant your barefoot into the earth.

13. Take a few minutes out of your day to read an inspiring book…don’t worry, I’ll be writing soon about my favorite books!

14. Immerse yourself in whatever it is that you are doing. When we are totally mindful and present we can tune out the distractions and thus feel more clear and less anxiety. Whether it is doing the dishes, walking the dogs, or even sitting in traffic – Can you be there fully?

15. Take a whiff of an essential oil! As a Doterra Wellness Advocate  I love using essential oils in all parts of my life but my favorite is definitely using them to instantly shift my mood. Some of my faves for this are Wild Orange, the blend “Elevation” and also Lime. Email me for more info on purchasing oils.

16. Listen to a high vibe podcast. OMG -there are tons! Currently, my faves are Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness, The SoulFeed Podcast and Power and Purpose with Mastin Kipp.

17. Take a luxurious bath. Fill the tub not only with water, but epsom salt, lavender oil and light some candles. Soak and watch your vibe go UP!

18. Call a friend who makes you laugh.

19. Find an attitude of gratitude – Say out loud, in your mind or write down one thing you are grateful for. You might find once you write down one thing even more will come up. When we are grateful, the universe feels that energy and rewards us with even more abundance.

20. Affirm yourself! Use your words, because they vibrate too, as a way to shift your perspective. Stating in the present tense your dreams and desires bring them into reality. “I am joyful, inspired and full of peace. With each breath that I take I connect even deeper to this wellspring of happiness”.

Try some of these out and see what works for you. Have fun with it and maybe even make your own list in a journal of the tools that are your favorite. Please share with me in the comments your suggestions as well – we all learn and grow from connected and sharing with each other. Xo!