Signs, Signs – everywhere there’s signs!

The universe is always trying to talk to you. The question is do you hear it?

Each and every day there is guidance should you choose to open up your awareness and perspective and receive it.  The key word here being awareness and openness. In order to receive the signs of the universe you have to be paying attention as well as keeping an open mind that there is something bigger than you helping to steer you through life.

One way to start to work with this energy is to ask for a specific sign. For example, maybe you are trying to decide if you should move. You can ask your guides, the universe, God or the angels (whatever it is that you believe in) to show you a sign if this move you are considering is for the highest good. Think for a moment what you want the sign to be and trust the first thing that comes to mind. If the thing that pops in your head is an orange monkey — TRUST ITThe higher ups know what they’re doing and they will find a way to show you this sign. Now, of course, you probably won’t see a real live orange monkey – but maybe a car will be in front of you in a traffic jam with this orange monkey as their bumper sticker. Or you’ll get an advertisement piece of mail with this monkey as the logo.

Second piece of advice, don’t go looking for the signs. Once you have asked for the guidance, surrender to it. You want to have some awareness as you’re out and about so you don’t miss the sign, but don’t try to find it either. It is hard when you’re asking for guidance on something that is really important to you, and most likely it will be something really important to you or why else would you ask for the sign! But still don’t try and make the sign appear. If you don’t get what you’re looking for then know that there is something  even better waiting for you. In the example of the move – maybe you think the apartment or home you just saw is amazing and you have to have it, but then you don’t get your sign. Ouch! Well, in a couple weeks an even more amazing and perfect home may become available, and if you jump on this place you’ll miss out. The Universe always has our back and our best interests in mind. So remind yourself of that each and every day.

Receiving signs when you haven’t asked is another way the higher ups give us a little wink and reminder that we are on the right path, being guided and supported each and every step of the way. For me, feathers are how I know the angels are trying to get my attention. Sometimes I am feeling discouraged and anxious about life and where I am headed, and then BOOM, as I am walking my dogs a perfect white feather will be on the ground. All I can do is smile and breath a sigh of relief because to me it shifts my perspective and helps me remember I am being divinely guided.

You might see number sequences. 111, 222, 333. Every time you look at the phone maybe it is a certain time, or you see these numbers on billboards or receipts. These numbers are telling you the same thing – you’re being divinely guided and don’t you forget it. For more specific on the meaning of number sequences you may be seeing visit Doreen Virtue’s website. Another major way our higher ups may get our attention is finding coins – especially in really odd places! And then of course there will be things that are meaningful to you – a certain song will come on the radio, a commercial that has some meaning to you or you see the name of a relative who has passed on a vanity license plate or any other million of ways the universe talks to us. Keep an open mind, tell the.universe you’re ready to start this dialogue and that you’re open to receive the signs and then trust that what you receive is guiding you along the path that you are meant to travel upon.

Signs for the universe can be like a reassuring hug from your best friend when you’re feeling overwhelmed or nervous about the future. Who doesn’t want that? This week, think of something you’re struggling with, ask for the signs and let me know what comes up for you!

Once Upon A Time

This week I found myself shopping for a few additional Christmas decorations to add to my collection. As I was browsing the aisles of Home Goods, I picked up a tree-topper, stocking hooks and a few new ornaments. This should have been the end of this blog post – walk up to checkout, pay and leave – THE END. But amidst the scented candles, sparkly ornaments and snowmen figurines, I was transported into a story, created by yours truly. As I put the stocking hooks into my cart it was as if the background faded and all of a sudden there I was in my living room. My fireplace (which I’ve NEVER used!) was roaring and crackling. The smell that filled the warm air was that of pine needles from my tree and hot cocoa. I saw myself hanging up four stockings, one for myself, another one for Pablo my dog, and then a third for my mom (who actually is coming up this year for Christmas). But there was a fourth – this stocking was for the guy I am seeing (if you can call it that) but whom I’m falling hard for. It all seemed so perfect; I LOVE this scenario that I am dreaming up. I like it so much that when I finally do snap back into reality and realize it is only October, I am in Home Goods and I am single, I feel a wave of anxiety rush over me. It starts building in the pit of my stomach, that churning feeling. I’ve made myself believe that the story in my head is the way things should be. Christmas must turn out that way or I’ll be disappointed – maybe even devastated!

So we all have stories – mine tend to be more of the “It’s a Wonderful Life”/ hopeless romantic genre. Yours may be dreaming up the perfect job with a corner office and a plentiful paycheck, or seeing yourself on the beach in that bikini body you always wanted. But whatever the story, it is just that – a story. Don’t get me wrong, some daydreaming and visualization is absolutely harmless, and at times even healthy. But it is dangerous when we start to convince ourselves that this is the way things should be, and if the situation doesn’t look like our story we are failing, our life is less than enough, things are not okay. When the story sets these expectations we are conveying the message to ourselves that the present moment is not enough, we are NOT enough.

The next time you begin that, “Once upon a time….”, see if you can quiet the mind down. Take a deep breath and ground, feel your feet on the earth and check in with where you are physically. Then repeat silently to yourself – this is it, the here and now, and it is sweet and exciting to find out how it will unfold without any expectations. The story will happen on its own, our job is to stop writing it in the mind and let it happen in the moment, in real life.