Signs, Signs – everywhere there’s signs!

The universe is always trying to talk to you. The question is do you hear it?

Each and every day there is guidance should you choose to open up your awareness and perspective and receive it.  The key word here being awareness and openness. In order to receive the signs of the universe you have to be paying attention as well as keeping an open mind that there is something bigger than you helping to steer you through life.

One way to start to work with this energy is to ask for a specific sign. For example, maybe you are trying to decide if you should move. You can ask your guides, the universe, God or the angels (whatever it is that you believe in) to show you a sign if this move you are considering is for the highest good. Think for a moment what you want the sign to be and trust the first thing that comes to mind. If the thing that pops in your head is an orange monkey — TRUST ITThe higher ups know what they’re doing and they will find a way to show you this sign. Now, of course, you probably won’t see a real live orange monkey – but maybe a car will be in front of you in a traffic jam with this orange monkey as their bumper sticker. Or you’ll get an advertisement piece of mail with this monkey as the logo.

Second piece of advice, don’t go looking for the signs. Once you have asked for the guidance, surrender to it. You want to have some awareness as you’re out and about so you don’t miss the sign, but don’t try to find it either. It is hard when you’re asking for guidance on something that is really important to you, and most likely it will be something really important to you or why else would you ask for the sign! But still don’t try and make the sign appear. If you don’t get what you’re looking for then know that there is something  even better waiting for you. In the example of the move – maybe you think the apartment or home you just saw is amazing and you have to have it, but then you don’t get your sign. Ouch! Well, in a couple weeks an even more amazing and perfect home may become available, and if you jump on this place you’ll miss out. The Universe always has our back and our best interests in mind. So remind yourself of that each and every day.

Receiving signs when you haven’t asked is another way the higher ups give us a little wink and reminder that we are on the right path, being guided and supported each and every step of the way. For me, feathers are how I know the angels are trying to get my attention. Sometimes I am feeling discouraged and anxious about life and where I am headed, and then BOOM, as I am walking my dogs a perfect white feather will be on the ground. All I can do is smile and breath a sigh of relief because to me it shifts my perspective and helps me remember I am being divinely guided.

You might see number sequences. 111, 222, 333. Every time you look at the phone maybe it is a certain time, or you see these numbers on billboards or receipts. These numbers are telling you the same thing – you’re being divinely guided and don’t you forget it. For more specific on the meaning of number sequences you may be seeing visit Doreen Virtue’s website. Another major way our higher ups may get our attention is finding coins – especially in really odd places! And then of course there will be things that are meaningful to you – a certain song will come on the radio, a commercial that has some meaning to you or you see the name of a relative who has passed on a vanity license plate or any other million of ways the universe talks to us. Keep an open mind, tell the.universe you’re ready to start this dialogue and that you’re open to receive the signs and then trust that what you receive is guiding you along the path that you are meant to travel upon.

Signs for the universe can be like a reassuring hug from your best friend when you’re feeling overwhelmed or nervous about the future. Who doesn’t want that? This week, think of something you’re struggling with, ask for the signs and let me know what comes up for you!

Cheer Up, Buttercup. You’ve got this.

I am working on upgrading this website and trying to create some other digital courses and meditation. I am NOT tech savvy! It is hard for me and I am beyond frustrated…..but this is life. If we want to grow and share our light with the world, it isn’t going to always be a cake walk. Change and growth can be uncomfortable and tough, but it’s about taking deep breaths to get grounded and clear headed and moving forward with the faith and strength that everything can and will get done. I just wanted to write this quick post, as a reminder to myself, but also for anyone else who is wading through new and unknown territory – soon it will all become familiar and you’ll feel that sense of ease and flow once again. But for now, go right on through, grow that thick skin ! Don’t back down…come out on the other side stronger and more BADASS than you are now. xx, A.

Finding Faith. Believing. And Trust.

A few years ago I heard of a book called, A Course In Miracles. It definitely piqued my interest, and I thought it would be another good self-help kinda read – a genre that I love so much. So I went out, got the book, and opened it up. Well, it was DENSE to say the least…totally over my head. There was also a lot of religious sounding wording (God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, etc.) that at the time I was kind of put off by. I was pretty fresh on my spiritual path and as they say, timing is everything. For The Course, this just wasn’t my time.

Never in my life had I considered myself a religious person, or really a believer in anything but myself. That was up until I doubted myself (shocker!) and began to mask all of my fears with drugs and alcohol. Fast forward about 13 years and here I was at the beginning of my sober recovery having picked up this text about miracles. I was sober for at least a year, and that was a huge miracle but I wanted more. But as I said, I was not ready for The Course, I couldn’t understand the concepts and so it ended up in my bookshelf without being opened again for a few years. This January, I decided to give it another shot. Having made some truly huge strides in my journey of healing and recovery, I figured it would be a good time to open up that big blue book once again. If you’re unfamiliar with The Course, it is broken down into three sections. There is the text, the workbook and the manual for teachers. The workbook consists of 365 short exercise/meditations for each day of the year. It is an affirmation of a sort, to get your mind to think in a new way. The Course defines a miracle as a shift in perception from fear to love, and the exercises aim at bringing about more of these shifts.

Today’s affirmation, day 47, was “God is the strength in which I trust”. After reading a bit further it goes on to say that we are fearful, depressed, anxious, addicted, and on and on, because we have put our trust solely in ourselves. In reality, we have someone was bigger and more badass we can trust in….GOD. Now, if you’re not into the term God, substitute it out, The Universe, Higher Self, Source, Inner Guide… But the point is the same, little old me and you just don’t cut it! As ACIM says, “If you are trusting in your own strength, you have every reason to be apprehensive, anxious and fearful. What can you predict or control? What is there in you that can be counted on?” Holy Crap!!! It is anxiety provoking to rely only on ourselves to get through the day to day struggles of life. But when we believe in something bigger, something more powerful and ever loving, and THAT is who we place trust in, well it’s like a huge weight has been lifted. In times of confusion, don’t work so hard to figure out the problem, instead pray – asking for guidance and support. When you are hurt or heartbroken, and all you want to do is drink, eat or shop away your sorrows, once again pray to see things differently and remember that someone still walks with you through the hardest of times. If a decision needs to be made, we can over-analzye about which choice to make and then still have doubt after it is said and done. OR we can ask the universe for signs, to show us the way, and feel confident as we move forward. Doesn’t this sound good? It’s like having a coach, parent, best friend, mentor and a really amazing assistant at your side at all times. The only thing you need to do, is get out of your own way, and place your trust in God. It takes practice, like anything. You might even be thinking how can you place trust in someone that isn’t there. That is where faith comes in, you try it out, as funky and even stupid as it may feel. Placing all your trust in something or someone you can’t see is scary, but what do you have to lose? When you realize there is only the feelings of safety and security to gain, you can try it once, or twice. “There is a place in you where there is perfect peace. There is a place in you where nothing is impossible. There is a place in you where the strength of God abides” (ACIM, Lesson 47). Do you want to find that place?

Finding it Within 

Chances are there’s something you want to change. There is a voice inside of you saying “when _______ happens, I’ll be ______.”  You can fill in the blanks. But it’s probably something along the lines of, “when I get the new job I’ll be happier” or “when I find my soulmate I’ll be fulfilled” perhaps “when I have a bigger home I’ll be more organized and comfortable.” Problem is we are looking for a certain feeling and thinking that something outside of ourselves is going to make it happen. *I say we because I have been (and at times still am) totally guilty of this myself.* Reality is though, when we get that job, the boy or girlfriend or the new house it is only a temporary fix. We feel good for about 30 minutes maybe a couple days if we are lucky and then it’s on to the next “when I have ______ I’ll be ______. ”

  So what is the remedy ?  You have to recognize that everything you could ever need is within you. As an extension of the universe you are beyond powerful and abundant. When you connect to this part of yourself that is so much more than your body and this crazy existence here on earth, you’ll remember your true abundance and exactly what you’re made of. Next, get clear on the emotion that’s behind the thing you’re longing for. If it is a new job ask yourself why do you really want it ? Is it to feel more accomplished or maybe to feel useful? Do you want a partner to feel loved and connected? A new home might make you feel grounded and secure. So you get clear on the feeling you want to feel and ask yourself how can I feel this way now? And my friends, the answer always lies in creating a deeper and more sacred relationship with yourself and a higher power (as you believe it).  When you believe you are an extension of the universe, God or Source all those feelings are already within you. Your spiritual practice (aka the time that you take to get connected) will help you to feel all the feels. Meditation, prayer and sacred rituals are all ways in which we can hear the divine and dissolve the need for anything outside of ourselves to make us feel complete.

Don’t get me wrong! You should totally go after the new job, seek to find your soulmate and desire to live in a comfortable home….but now you desire those things to compliment the love and fulfillment that is already in your heart. When you get what you desire that’s wonderful but when you don’t get it – well, it can be just as wonderful because now you trust that the Universe just has something even better in store and who cares anyways because you are already whole, connected to your wellspring of joy and living an inspired life. Dr. Wayne Dyer says, inspired means “in spirit”- you recognize what you’re made of and it is the same stuff as stars– you’re literally a freaking star! How could you ever feel less than fabulous, loved and complete?? 

20 QUICK ways to Raise Your Vibration 

We are all energy. We are all literally vibrating. And you totally know what I am talking about when you’re feeling in a funk and need to shift and clear out some of that heaviness that is holding you down from being your most elevated self. Yes, going to a yoga class, spin or any other excercise class is one way to do it. Or perhaps, sitting down and taking 25 minutes to meditate and breathe might be another way. And don’t forget – you could always go to see a funny movie or try something new and spontaneous to get “out of your head”. But what about the times when you need a quick fix? What to do when you don’t have the time for a longer remedy, and you need to quickly pivot and redirect your thoughts and energy back to a place of joy? Well, my friends, as Yogi Bhajan would say – there is a way through every block. And here you have it, my list of quick fixes, simple tools to bring from a place of low vibration to high vibe “I love life” goodness!

1. Go Upside Down!!! This can literally be as simple as dangling your body in a forward fold. You can also swing your legs up a wall and hang there for a few minutes if you have the time. If handstand is part of your practice – kick up to the wall and hold that as long as you can. When we invert we are promoting circulation, increasing the movment of lymphatic fluid which gives the immune system a boost, and literally flipping what you perceive upside down…..YOU can see things a new way in an instant!

2. Give your whole body a good shake. Go ahead – try it!! Shake like you are covered in ants! Okay, i know that is creepy but it’s a good visual. DO IT. And see?? Don’t you feel yourself buzzing. Yup, your vibes are moving on up!

3. SMILE. Yup, when we turn that frown upside we literally begin to retrain the brain to not be so damn negative! Smiling also releases the feel good neurotransmitters such as dopamine, endorphins and seratonin. Say cheese!!!!!

4. Get some fresh air. Of course if you have the time you can spend it taking a longer walk or just hanging out al fresco…but if not, at least roll down your car window, or step outside for a few deep breaths.

5. Use a MANTRA. Yes, just like we are vibrating and alive with energy so are our words. Inhale LOVE, Exhale FEAR. Repeat in your mind as you breathe in and out. Or use the Kundalini mantra, Sat Nam; Inhale Sat, Exhale Nam. This translates to “Truth is my name or my indentity” and helps you to connect to your oneness with all that is.

6. Tapping or EFT is a way to stimulate certain meridians in our bodies and help move energy. Using a couple fingers, tap on the points about 5-8 times – crown of the head, inner eyebrow, outer eyebrow, under the eye, under the nose, chin, collerbone, rib cage to create a feeling of ease in your mind and body. See The Tapping Solution for more information. 

7. Get some fresh flowers — their colors, smell (if they have) and overall beauty is easy on the eyes and can truly brighten up any space.

8. Put on your favorite feel good song and DANCE! In fact, when you have time make a playlist or follow me on Spotify to see tons of my yoga playlists and prepare to rock out!

9. Travel back in time. Think of an amazing time, when you felt your happiest, and mentally bring yourself back to that place anytime you’re feeling down. Close your eyes and get as specific as possible with the memory, where you were, who was there, what the weather was like, and sounds or smells, the way you felt at that moment and create it once again.

10. Eat some raw, green stuff! The more organic and unprocessed the higher the vibe of the food….you are what you eat!

11. Give a sincere compliment to a stranger. Do something unexpected and kind for someone else.

12. Find a patch of grass, dirt or sand – and plant your barefoot into the earth.

13. Take a few minutes out of your day to read an inspiring book…don’t worry, I’ll be writing soon about my favorite books!

14. Immerse yourself in whatever it is that you are doing. When we are totally mindful and present we can tune out the distractions and thus feel more clear and less anxiety. Whether it is doing the dishes, walking the dogs, or even sitting in traffic – Can you be there fully?

15. Take a whiff of an essential oil! As a Doterra Wellness Advocate  I love using essential oils in all parts of my life but my favorite is definitely using them to instantly shift my mood. Some of my faves for this are Wild Orange, the blend “Elevation” and also Lime. Email me for more info on purchasing oils.

16. Listen to a high vibe podcast. OMG -there are tons! Currently, my faves are Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness, The SoulFeed Podcast and Power and Purpose with Mastin Kipp.

17. Take a luxurious bath. Fill the tub not only with water, but epsom salt, lavender oil and light some candles. Soak and watch your vibe go UP!

18. Call a friend who makes you laugh.

19. Find an attitude of gratitude – Say out loud, in your mind or write down one thing you are grateful for. You might find once you write down one thing even more will come up. When we are grateful, the universe feels that energy and rewards us with even more abundance.

20. Affirm yourself! Use your words, because they vibrate too, as a way to shift your perspective. Stating in the present tense your dreams and desires bring them into reality. “I am joyful, inspired and full of peace. With each breath that I take I connect even deeper to this wellspring of happiness”.

Try some of these out and see what works for you. Have fun with it and maybe even make your own list in a journal of the tools that are your favorite. Please share with me in the comments your suggestions as well – we all learn and grow from connected and sharing with each other. Xo!

My Vision for 2017 

I’ve definitely been feeling called to connect to people in a new way. I still love teaching yoga and I am continuing this part of my journey, but I am being drawn in some new directions. 

I am beginning a coaching business. I want to help others connect with their inner wisdom and souls to live a joyful life. Isn’t that what it’s all about?? Our inherent nature is JOY. But at times we get disconnected from it because of every day stressors, trauma, and the simple fact that we forget we are divine beings being supported by God, the universe, our higher selves (whatever you wanna call it!) I want to give you the tools to know your divinity, bust through fears and negativity and live life like a joyful spiritual boss. 

In order to support those who may not be my clients I am going to FINALLY commit to blogging and sharing some of what I’ve learned over the last few years. I have already created some great blog topics (such as self care rituals, yoga for specific needs, how to use oracle cards to connect to your soul voice and more)! The rest I want to come up with organically as I feel out what my readers need to hear. 

I’m excited for this journey! I hope some of you may meet me on the path of self discovery and ultimately self love. See you there 💛✨💛

The Person on the Mat

There is the person I am on the yoga mat, and then there is the person I am off the yoga mat. On the mat, I am mindful and precise. Feeling each and every movement I make and each breath I take. This precision makes me feel strong and empowered. There is nothing I need to rush through physically, or check out of mentally, because each breath I take reminds me “I’ve got this”. The strength I feel on the mat is more than just muscle. It’s an inner knowing that I can handle what comes my way and everything is exactly as it should be. On the mat, I am a warrior goddess. My strong parts are bad ass, and my soft parts are feminine and beautiful. My body can stretch and hold itself into amazing shapes and I sometimes feel in awe of myself. When I’m on my mat, I feel joy. For no particular reason at all, there is an inner zest and feelings of connection – and in these moments it’s all good. During savasana, when I am on my mat, I am complete, whole and perfect.

When I am off my mat I am insecure. My strong parts aren’t strong enough and my soft parts are gross and fat – they need to be hidden! Day to day, I go through the motions and at times feel dull and often ask the question; is this all there is ? I feel unconnected as I rush through my day, working hard to make enough to pay the bills and then sleeping just to wake up and do it all over again. Then there are the times, that because of all of the above, I completely checkout. I zone out while binging on Netflix. I escape being in my body and my mind, because it isn’t a comfortable place to be. When I am off my mat, I feel alone. I don’t know who I can trust, who understands the real me and my struggles. When I’m far from my mat,  I feel like I am in limbo – on the brink of living life but not quite there yet. Where is my perfect partner, house and white picket fence?

BUT….The time I spend on my mat teaches me that nothing is perfect, beautiful and amazing 100% of the time. Life is full of joy, sadness, yearning, fullness, dispair and bliss. The yoga is finding the place in the middle. Little by little, I start to realize that my feelings of loneliness and sadness will pass. I might feel the sun or the breeze and connect with simple bliss and be rescued from those feelings of drowning. The more I practice, the more that person on the mat makes her way into my everyday life. But the other person, who lives off the mat is valuable and worthy, too. I take them both, and in the middle, I find myself.