What I learned from my students today:

“Let this practice be yours, modify any poses that you need to. In fact, feel free to completely ignore anything that i say.” 
I proclaimed this statement in this morning’s class and was met with one student’s surprised eyes saying,”What? Really? Ignore YOU?” I told her absolutely, this is your practice. I am a guide. I give you a template, an offering and you take what feels right and you skip or change what doesn’t. Most days, I make some sort of statement in my classes about listening to your body and doing what feels good. Today I learned that our students can be fiercely loyal. In fact, many want to impress and please the yoga teacher (I know I’ve been there!) So today I realized that just as I have to be completely clear in my instructions, guiding students in and out of poses, I must also be completely clear that the student, their self, is the real teacher. When it comes to the student’s practice; physical body, mental state of mind, energy level, I know nothing compared to what they know. So when it comes to following me, it’s optional, I am not the expert. I would also love to let my classes know that I am so pleased when I see you skip the option to “flip your dog” or practice your handstand hops. I admire you when your knees drop down for child’s pose while I am instructing warrior 2. I want to see you doing YOUR practice and then I know that you’ve connected with the real guru, the real teacher…You. 

One thought on “What I learned from my students today:

  1. “If down dog is too much for you child’s pose is always an option”,,,,,
    In these words I hear and feel the most in touch with my center by this ,,,
    “and if you feel clumsy today and you fall it’s ok to fall”
    Having that as my parachute into safety
    It fabric transforms from the protection of a gentle soft landing into an even softer version of wings allowing me to lift myself into the limitless “risen” by the energy of my own strength guided by the comfort and secured by the 110% based in love teachings of a true instructor ,,,,, and in this they transform from instructor to a guide with this intention you can fly with the always giving comfort of knowing if it’s ok to fall it is ok to fly ,,,,,
    Alexis is exactly the person completely and only LOVE and LIGHT 🎼💁✨

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