What I learned from my students today:

“Let this practice be yours, modify any poses that you need to. In fact, feel free to completely ignore anything that i say.” 
I proclaimed this statement in this morning’s class and was met with one student’s surprised eyes saying,”What? Really? Ignore YOU?” I told her absolutely, this is your practice. I am a guide. I give you a template, an offering and you take what feels right and you skip or change what doesn’t. Most days, I make some sort of statement in my classes about listening to your body and doing what feels good. Today I learned that our students can be fiercely loyal. In fact, many want to impress and please the yoga teacher (I know I’ve been there!) So today I realized that just as I have to be completely clear in my instructions, guiding students in and out of poses, I must also be completely clear that the student, their self, is the real teacher. When it comes to the student’s practice; physical body, mental state of mind, energy level, I know nothing compared to what they know. So when it comes to following me, it’s optional, I am not the expert. I would also love to let my classes know that I am so pleased when I see you skip the option to “flip your dog” or practice your handstand hops. I admire you when your knees drop down for child’s pose while I am instructing warrior 2. I want to see you doing YOUR practice and then I know that you’ve connected with the real guru, the real teacher…You.