Pick Your Filter.

 Perspective and Gender in Magic the Gathering   Wisdom Fae Under the Bridge by Graeme McIntyre

One of my favorite things to explore is perspective. The way we look at our situation defined by our prior experiences, view points projected on us by society and family, our collection of beliefs denoting how “things” should be. Life is unpredictable and full of change. This can be terrifying or it can be looked at as a great adventure. The ability to flip the light on the situation is like adding an Instagram filter. It can take something that looks ordinary or perhaps dissapointing and brightens it up – it’s not so bad anymore.

At one point, I had everything planned out. I would get married at around 23 or 24 so I could have kids at about 27. I could picture it all in my mind clear as day. Well, tomorrow I’ll turn thirty-one. I am single, have never been married and don’t have any kids. But I do have my freedom, my independence and a closer relationship to myself than I ever had before. At one time, this to me would’ve been a let down. Like I somehow got off track and was behind where I am supposed to be. But now, when I get married I will make a better wife; free of the insane jealousy that used to haunt my every thought in relationships. I will be a fantastic mother. I have grown up and learned many tough lessons along the way – but I’ve learned how to love. So I can view my situation in this way – focus on who I have become and what I will be or cry about being single and alone. You tell me what sounds more appealing? This is just one filter I can use. Another? Well being married with kids wouldn’t have allowed me the flexibilty to pursue my goals and dreams in my career, or perhaps, the right person is just around the corner and now the timing is right. Pick any filter but not the grey, crappy, negative one.

We can’t plan for life. We take what we get and the only thing we have control over is our perspective and how we accept what we are given. This is a practice – a talent of sort. Being aware of when you feel let down, less than enough, or flat out lost and then flip it – see it in a new filter. Find the bright and shiny to each situation because there is ALWAYS some light.

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