Yield. Slow Down. STOP!

The car in front of me with New York plates, says INARUSH.  Well, I am too.  We are all in rush. So many obligations day to day; getting to work on time, picking up your kids, taking care of pets and making appointments, paying bills, grocery shopping, and cleaning the house.  The list is even longer than this but you get the idea. In a such a busy world how is possible to get that much needed time to recharge your batteries? The answer: SLOW DOWN. It might sound either really obvious or impossible. Obvious because slowness and a few leisurely moments are the antidote to the stressful life that most of us lead, but impossible because you say; “How can I slow down with all this stuff to get done?”

Second part of the answer: PRIORITIZE.  What is most important to you? Who is most important to you? The answer has to be YOU.  If you take care of yourself first, everything else will absolutely fall into place. You will be a better parent (think: yelling at the kids when you’re exhausted and frustrated). You will be a better lover (think: I’m too tired tonight, again). You will be more efficient in the day to day tasks you need to complete. You will a better you. 

Lastly, be very flexible in your definition of down-time or “me-time”. Some days it might be a 75 minute yoga class. Other days, a jog outside or a cycling class. And on the best days, it will be both plus a hot shower and a nap afterwards. But other days, the down time will be one deep breath in through your nose and out the mouth. Maybe, a two minute downward facing dog to open and make space throughout your entire body. Perhaps, turning off the car radio and having quiet time on the way to errands. But find something that allows you to clear your head, keep your sanity and re-enter the present moment. Make a list –  and depending where you are and what you have time for, commit to fitting some practice of slowness each and every day.

If we are only rushing from one thing to the next, we are not present and life is passing by without any attention to the sweetness of the day. If you’re not living in each moment, and always in a rush, what is the point? Yield to you, to the little things, slow down. 

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